DISH Network Satellite TV vs. Cable TV – Which is Best?

DISH Network Satellite TV vs. Cable TV – Which is Best? – Looking to switch from the over-the-air TV or cable TV, satellite TV, and wondered whether the DISH Network or cable TV is your best bet? Here is a sideby-side comparison so you can make the right decision.
DISH Network satellite TV vs cable TV
Dish Network has been fierce with U.S. cable companies for several years to get your business. While the network has been getting customers most cable companies have lost their customers to DISH Network. Here’s why … Se Also: What is LC Fiber Optic Cable Connectors
DISH Network satellite TV vs cable TV costs
Cable tv costs vary from one area to a cable subscription fees, but the monthly average was $39.95. In my neck of the Woods the cost basis is $37.30 per month to 64 channels, plus $10.95 per month if I added some digital channels.
DISH Network subscription fee starting at $19.99 to 40 channels, and $29.99 for 230 channels including 60 Sirius radio channels. All DISH Network programming is in digital format and you do not have to pay extra for it.
Cable tv costs have increased an average of 22% in the last three years while DISH Network costs remain the same.
DISH Network satellite TV vs cable TV equipment
When you subscribe to a cable TV you are usually given a cable box for free but if you want a DVR (digital video recorder) Receiver you have to pay for it.
With DISH Network you get free satellite TV Receiver system and four rooms and a DISH Network DVR Receivers will give free or receiver (high definition) HD free.
DISH Network satellite TV vs cable TV installation
Cable tv installation costs vary from area to area. Installation in my area cost $39.95 for a single room and $9.95 for each additional room.
Dish Network will install the entire four satellite TV system free room, and when you have finished the installer it will show you how to operate your system.
DISH Network satellite TV vs cable TV programming
When it comes to the program really is no comparison. Even satellite TV rival DIRECTV can’t compete with DISH Network Channel 350, which includes 52 music channels, 60 Sirius satellite radio channel, movie channel 31, 10 sports Pack, 21 international channels, pay-per-view channels and 80. See Also: Dish Network VS Cable Television
Cable tv you only get a few channels in digital format while all DISH Network programming in digital format, giving you plenty of high quality images and sounds more realistic. Dish Network also has the most HD programming.
DISH Network satellite TV vs cable TV customer service and reliability
Cable tv outages average 3% to 5% per year, while the average DISH Network is 1% per year. And DISH Network have ranked higher than cable companies on J.D. Power’s customer satisfaction rating for five consecutive years.
In most customers this service is limited to regular working hours. Dish Network offers toll-free and online customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
The bottom line
This is really a no brainer. When it comes to services that offer the most lines, the most expensive programming and installation cost, the best picture and sound, highest reliability, and the best customer serviceFree reprint articles, DISH Network is the winner.

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